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"Josephus has an amazing ability to transfix any audience, to bring them together and to bridge differences. Children and adults alike are captivated and moved by his many talents."

- Liz Summers
United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro

"Josephus - I can't begin to tell you how your involvement in our recent tour of Theatre in the Schools enhanced our production. The wonderful partnership enabled students throughout Guilford County to experience Broadway, Rap, poetry and a talented multiracial cast of actors. We look forward to our next project with you."

- Mitchel Sommers
Community Theatre of Greensboro

"I’ve heard him in a small club, a big theater, on a band shell at a street festival and performing briefly to help prepare a room full of young bankers, realtors and professionals to raise money for the arts. If his words and rhythms do not reach you…you are not listening."

- Russ Williams
Executive Director, NC Zoo Society

"His poetry programs are infused with messages about the power of purposefulness and intentionality. His poems of social commentary challenge us all to pay attention to issues of justice."

- Steve Sumerford
Asst. Director, Greensboro Public Library
Project Dir. for One City, One Book & Poetry GSO

"Josephus is a walking, talking example of what hip hop really is. Always moving to his own beat, always speaking right from his heart, he is unafraid to challenge the mainstream as he mixes his own special blend of art, entrepreneurialism, and love for the human spirit. He has a unique ability to inspire and motivate younger artists. This quality may yet prove to be the thing that takes him over the top."

- Mr. Steve Willis
MFA, Assistant Professor of Speech & Theatre
Department of Visual & Performing Arts, Bennett College for Women

"Josephus was an invigorating speaker and innovator through out the sixth grade Language Arts classrooms at Kiser Middle School. His knowledge of POE-TRY, Poetry, showed not only the students but the faculty that poetry is life, and life is poetry. Thanks from all of us!"

- Miss Bell
Kiser Middle School

"Josephus III's performance was everything acoustic soul poetry should be strong, deep and seamless. The unique combination of poetry, song, dance and acoustic guitar, bass and drums wove a sometimes heartbreaking but always uplifting tapestry of love, longing, pain and redemption. Their message reached all present like rays of sunshine."

- Lisa Dixon
Borders #0558, Charlotte, NC


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